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The Facts.................... .......(The Ryan Ferguson Files)

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I am going to give you enough here to keep you busy for a while. Work has been busy for me and as you know I am donating my time to the Ryan Ferguson case in my spare time.



The newest development in the Ryan Ferguson case is that Ryans' Habeas petition that Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster urged the appeal board deny was REJECTED! (This is a good thing for Ryan)

The key players in this case are:

Kent Heitholt: Murdered Victim
Michael Boyd: Co-Worker of Ken Heitholt
Shawna Ornt: Witness
Jerry Trump: Witness
Charles Erickson: Accused/Convicted and Friend of Ryan Ferguson
Ryan Ferguson: Accused/Convicted
Kevin Crane: Prosecutor then and now a judge
Law Enforcement Filed and lost police reports
2 young men Unidentified Witnesses

Before I list the facts for you I would like to give you an idea of the area where this murder took place. It took place in an area of Columbia, Missouri where on one side of the street you can feel safe and on the other side you have to keep your eyes open in the back of your head. There have been many crimes committed just around the block from the Columbia Daily Tribune where this murder took place.

Also, you might be wondering how Ryan Ferguson and Charles (Chuck) Erickson got involved in the first place. I will explain this to you later. It is important that you follow this investigation and blog in order to understand the investigation process. You will understand as we get further along.

These facts were taken directly from the Free Ryan Ferguson website,, here is a list of the known facts.

• A single strand of bloody hair was found in the hand of the victim Kent Heitholt. It did not match Ryan Ferguson, Chuck Erickson or Heitholt.

• None of the fingerprints or blood found at the scene matched Ryan or Chuck.

• Ryan’s car and Chuck’s home were thoroughly tested for any blood or physical evidence linking them to the crime. None was found.

• There were two sets of bloody shoeprints leading away from Kent Heitholt’s car – neither of the shoe sizes matched Ryan or Chuck. For this reason these shoeprints were not introduced as evidence at Ryan’s trial.

• After police coercion, Chuck Erickson claimed he struck Kent Heitholt with a tire iron taken from Ryan’s car trunk and Ryan strangled him.

• Heitholt was hit 11 times but none of these blows resulted in a skull fracture. Medical experts state this would be physically impossible with a sturdy tire iron.

• The tire tool found in Ryan’s car was cleared by the FBI and found to have no connection to the crime.

• At his first police interrogation Chuck Erickson had no idea how Heitholt was murdered – until fed information that had not been made public by the investigating officers.

• A Missouri appeals court stated quite simply that 'there is no physical evidence that ties Ferguson to this murder.' Prosecutor Kevin Crane also stated this to the jury at the beginning of the trial.

I promise I will try to get the next phase of this investigation to you sooner rather than later.

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