Sunday, April 2, 2017

If "Joe" Calls

In a nutshell  

If someone you do not know calls you on the telephone and you happen to answer because your caller id implies it's an urgent matter and the male person identifies himself as "Joe" then it is probably a scam.

He calls from a Royal Cruise line, a hearing loss center, home security system, degree program and more.  The caller id probably says Security and for those of us that have a security system may more than likely answer the phone especially if you do not answer on their first attempt suspecting fraud and the same number calls you immediately back for a second attempt.

It may be a recorded system instead of a human being who is speaking with you live which is what I suspect based on what I heard at the beginning of the call.   I suspect that when you trigger the system by answering "yes" then a real male comes on the line and speaks with you live or they will end the call and sell your number to a fraudster who will call you back expecting you to answer the phone with the intention of scamming you.

The fraudster or scammer will take your "Yes" and edit it into a sales pitch and then charge you via checking account or credit card information, whichever they have on you via other means or a scam whereas you have given them the information, and run up your card.  They might charge you a for a vacation you will never take or goods you will never receive.

Is this true?  Well, maybe it is considering we know these phone calls are circulating around the U.S. And, while we do not know how they are acquiring our personal information such as our banking or credit card numbers it is important to know that it is possible.  Just think about how many times you have used your debit, credit cards, or have written a check in a month.  It can only take one.

To avoid this just simply do not answer your phone.  And, if you do not have caller id on your cell phone in addition to a caller id blocker and protection app then  GET ONE!  Hiya, as well as most that are like it, will tell you whether or not the caller is a scam or fraud and will also list comments others' have made about it.  You can also comment on your experience with a particular caller.  The good thing about these services are they are FREE!  Just go to your app store and type in id blocker.

Problem solved.

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