Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Past Life Regression Session

Before I begin I want to state that everything I examine and investigate on the topic of life after death is for the purpose of finding proof that there is life after death or finding proof that there is not.  This posting is all about regression therapy which is recalling a past life while under hypnosis.  I have not found convincing evidence to prove that it is possible to recall a past life because there is nothing to prove that it is true, but I continue on my journey trying to learn more about it until I satisfy my curiosity.  It goes without saying that when I speak of my past life regression session and past life recalls it is all alleged and not validated.  

I was still under hypnosis with my regression guide Rhonda Leifheit in the drivers seat.  I was looking for answers to a few questions that my past life might reveal about my current life.  As I regressed from a life I once lived in the 1920's as an aspiring singer I was taken back into a light as I descended.  This is where we left off: 

These were questions I was seeking answers to from the beginning.  I wanted to know if there was a connection between me and my mother, grandmother and husband. I also wanted to know what happened to the soul of my unborn child.  I did not get the answers I anticipated and was shocked at the results.  I knew this much, if the answers were premeditated or of power of suggestion I certainly would not have gotten the answers that I did. 

The light was of peace and calm and apparently where answers could be found while still under hypnosis. These were questions I was supposed to be able to answer, for myself.  As I listened to her voice the questions the answers rolled off of my tongue.  I did not have time to think about the answers.  It was as if I knew the answers before the questions were asked.  They say that right before we are born the angel touches our upper lip and we forget everything and when we die we know everything there is to know. Having been the one giving the answers I was surprised by them.  

Question 1:  Who in this past life is in your current life?
The only person in my past life that I was able to identify in this life was my father.  My father in this life shared my former 1920's life as my manager/agent.  I found this amusing considering I had not questioned a past life with my father but with my husband, mother and grandmother.  The agent in my past life reminded me of my father in this life but they looked nothing alike. Could it be that when Rhonda suggested I find my father from this life to comfort me from my fear of heights into the spirit world that I actually sought and found my father in a past life?  Meaning that my father in this life and the agent/manager in the past life were the same soul.  Could it be that in the spirit world we are connected and have lived many lives together where this soul has acted as protector and caretaker to my soul?  It makes perfect sense if I take into account  many of the research studies I found in the countless books I have read.  There is too much to explain but in a nutshell our souls have soul mates that are not necessarily lovers but are friends, siblings, parents, as well as lovers and our souls choose to repeatedly live lives on Earth with each other but in different capacities.  When we are "dead" or in the spirit world we know our soul mates well but when we are born into an earthly life and forget everything we knew in the spirit world sometimes we are so connected to someone that one can only suspect that they are somehow spiritually connected and in most cases they are.   I am sure you have heard of deja-vu when you have an experience for the first time that you feel you have experienced before.  This includes people you feel you know but no matter how hard and long you think of how you know one another the dots do not connect for either of you.....in this life.  This is a very good example of what a spiritual connection is.  You (your spirit or soul) recognizes someone in this life that you can only know in the spirit world.  I don't want to digress too much but this is where things get interesting.  Our body is occupied by our spirit or conscious state of mind.  Our brain connects our body with our spirit that it's really hard to distinguish the two.  This is possible through meditation where you can separate your spirit from your body.  While our spirit sits behind our eyes and manages our personality and consciousness it does not die with our body.  In fact, when we die there is no shift in the way we consciously feel as our spirit rises out of our body.  Several people who have experienced out of body and near death have stated that even though "they" were looking down at their own bodies they felt as if they were still attached to their body until they realized they were apart and only describe the feeling as FREEDOM.  Free from any illness that may have caused them disabled.  I can go on and on but I will save this for another time.

During my regression session I did not recover any relationships with the people I wanted to connect with the most.  My mother in this life and I are extremely close.  There is not a day that goes by when we pick up the telephone to call each other at the exact time and our lines are busy because she was calling me and I was calling her and the weird part about it is that I know why her line is busy and that she is calling me.  Also, sometimes when she calls me I was thinking of calling her at that very moment and she claims the same of me calling her.  I know I am connected to my mother in the spirit world and that perhaps our connection on earth is somehow driven by our connection in spirit.  We are in sync.

My grandmother and I were extremely close.  She called me her best friend.  I was always close to her especially after my grandfather died in 2000.  I was by her side daily while she lay in a nursing home bed unable to care for herself.  She depended on her family to take care of her needs that the nursing home could or would not.  It was then that I started reading about life after death and learned about death bed visions which explained what was happening when I caught my grandmother speaking to someone that I could not see.  I detailed my visits and earlier research in my Nursing Home Drama blog.  I feel that my grandmother and I once lived a life where I was her mother.  In fact, in this life I am named after her parents.  And, perhaps we too are soul sisters. 

 Question 2:  Is the soul of your unborn child in any way connected to either of your children in this life?

Surprisingly I said "my unborn child did not yet have a soul" so, no, there is no connection.  What?  I never imagined this as a possibility but I have read that the spirit (a branch of the soul) typically enters the body of a fetus in or around the fifth month in the womb.  If you ask any mother who has lost a fetus or unborn child for any reason whether a miscarriage or abortion she might admit that she wonders about the development of the spirit of her unborn baby and question when the conscious life began for that child.  There is no proof but researchers have suggested that a spirit that enter a fetus or unborn baby that is miscarried or aborted was aware that this would take place and that their life lesson was to see what it was like to enter a human form.  This may have been the case for new souls.  And, research studies show a spirit will sometimes be reborn into the same family especially after the loss of a young child.  This may seem complicated so if you want better clarification I suggest reading the book Return To Life by Jim B. Tucker, M.D.  This book is about research on reincarnation that Dr. Tucker and Dr. Ian Stephenson gathered from around the world.  The stories in this book are amazing and enough to make a believer out of a skeptic.  This is one of many books that document the investigations from a skeptics point of view.  Doctors and a team of investigators treated each case with doubt.  Their efforts were to discount the cases of reincarnation as young children remembered their past lives with detailed information including their home address, the layout of the home they lived in, names of family members, and more.  The investigators took the children independently to the address they recalled from a past life, had the child name each family member they recalled and their relationship to them in their past life.  The investigators often tried to trick the child by suggesting a family member with a wrong name but in every case the children would correct them with the correct name.  In all cases the families had lost a loved one the way the child recalled and confirmed everything the young child claimed.  The puzzling fact is the young subjects in this book were three to five years of age, most could not read, and have never been to the areas where they claimed to have lived their past lives.  The distance could have been as far as 200 miles away from their current homes yet they knew the address and demonstrated familiarity with the vicinity they claimed to have once occupied.  It's the perfect book for the skeptic.  

With my questions answered I was satisfied with this session.  I walked away wondering if I had really lived this life as an aspiring singer in the 20's or made it up without knowing I was making it up.  I felt exhausted as though I had been doing physical work but I had only been lying on a recliner for an hour.  I went home after my session and did some online research hoping to find something about a once cigarette girl turned singer somewhere in France in the 20's but I did not find anything.  I did, however, find a (black and white) picture of a cigarette girl that resembled the one in my session.  I had never seen the picture before.  

Believing in life after death really has nothing to do with past life regression or the ability to recall a past life.  While we live multiple lives, thousands of them, we may or may not be able to recall the lives through past life regression or meditation.  There are books giving detailed steps as to how one can recall a past life but how do you know whether or not what you recall as a past life is really true?  

The next session was a few weeks later.  My reader, Rhonda, took herself into the Akashic Records searching my past lives.  I had more doubts about this reading.  To be continued.......

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