Wednesday, September 12, 2018

IRS and Tax Scam

This has recently surfaced.

Have you received a text like this?

"Let me resolve your tax problems the right way. Contact me- 207-494-5888"


"There is an update about your IRS tax case. Please call me, 916-239-4663."

THESE ARE SCAMS. Please share

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Microsoft 800-642-7676 Real or Fake?



Is this a real telephone number for Microsoft? 

I called it, got the help I needed, and received a case reference number for my issue. I hung up. Next, I went to the Microsoft website,, and used the virtual Contact Microsoft Support. I requested they call me back. They called back minutes later from 425-635-2970, another number being reported as a scam. But, they were able to locate the case reference number that I had acquired from the first technician I spoke with.

It was a simple investigation that may have confirmed this telephone number as a legit number. 

During my investigation, I found hundreds of postings from computer users reporting these numbers as scams claiming to have received phone calls from these number being identified by the caller as a Microsoft technician.

The caller would claim that the recipient was experiencing problems with their computer. They would claim to have the answer to all of your problems. They would try to sell you software that would clean your computer and all the bugs would go away. Wait, but first, you have to give them remote access to your computer. WARNING, WARNING, WARNING.

Maybe not.

Microsoft technicians also ask to have remote access to your computer in order to quickly fix the problem. You can see what they are doing as they are doing it the entire time. What they will not do is go into your personal files like the scammers do. You will see them only utilize the Microsoft website for the proper software that will fix your computer FOR FREE.

After, you will receive an email from Microsoft confirming your communication with them. The scammers do not do this. 

So, why does a legitimate phone number for Microsoft show up on your caller id when it's really a scam? The scammers can program any number they want to show up on your caller id screen. They are ready for the challenging question of, "are you really with Microsoft?" In their perhaps best American English accent and with confidence, they reply, "why yes ma'am. I am calling from Microsoft. You can call it if you like. You will see it is a Microsoft number I am calling from." Most people don't second guess and will move on with the call but, more and more people these days will hang up and call the number to find out the call was a scam. Better yet, they will look it up online to check for other complaints. But, what can you believe these days? 

Based on my findings, these numbers are legit when you call them yourself. 

To protect yourself, first, go to your settings and look for Microsoft updates. Go to the website,, and look for the support you need. Do not google Microsoft in order to get a telephone number. This is where most peoples' problems begin.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A private investigator walks into a phlebotomy class....

A private investigator walks into a phlebotomy class... It sounds like the beginning of a good joke, doesn't it? These two words don't go together, investigator and phlebotomy, unless someone at the school or the school itself was being investigated. Or, there is a very good explanation that involves the investigator herself, yours truly.

After almost 30 years of putting puzzles together as the investigator, I decided to use my skills in the healthcare field and under the microscope. My reason is very personal along with the desire to work in the healthcare industry. Phlebotomy is the first step to go to where I want to be.

Phlebotomists are people who draw blood and they make their jobs look easy but, until you have been behind the scenes as I have, it is anything but easy. I have a new respect for phlebotomists who have the responsibility for the well being of the patient whom they stick. They have to know where to stick, how to stick, and everything there is to do after the stick. They must know precisely how to get the best batch of blood in the right tubes in the right order because every tube has a different purpose most containing additives. The tubes must be inverted a certain amount of times in order for the blood to be at its best when the lab technicians run their tests.

In order to become a state certified phlebotomist, one must understand how the body functions including where blood comes from, the different kinds of blood and their function, as well as all about the circulatory system, internal organs, and HIPAA. 

I give credit to my fellow classmates whom I had the pleasure of sharing a wonderful six weeks with. We learned together, experimented on, and learned from one another. Hats off to Keisha Randle who was an extraordinary instructor with the patience to get us through the program.