Thursday, January 9, 2014

Appeal To The Unidentified Individual(s)............ ..(The Ryan Ferguson Files)

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After tonight's episode of 48 hours and being a repeat there are a few things that stand out, to me at least.

1. Why would after all of what has come to light Judge Green rule against the facts? Consider this: Judge Green didn't want to rule against Chris Koster who is now a judge. This would not only cost tax payers more dollars but would question the morality of the legal system Judge judging a Judge and calling him out. Basically making it all about politics.

2. Kathleen Zellner suggested the perpetrator(s) in this case knew the victim and hated him enough to attack him the way he did. The perpetrator(s) only took his watch and car keys. Consider this: The perpetrator(s) only took the watch because they didn't have time to take anything else. Remember this all reportedly took place within 6 minutes from the time Michael Boyd left the parking lot to the time two unidentified individuals who were spotted over the victims body. Could it be that the perpetrator(s) saw the two unidentified individuals and left the scene before they had further opportunity to perhaps steal the victims car? Don't forget the victims' car keys were missing and never found. Could it be that it was a random act and the perp(s) saw the victims shiny watch around his wrist and were out to rob him and take more than the watch but didn't have the chance? Or, could it be someone who knew him, as Kathleen Zellner suggests, who wanted him dead and made it look like a robbery?

I think it is important in this case for the mysterious unidentified individual(s) who were at the scene that evening and alerted the janitor that someone was injured step forward. There should be an appeal for these individuals. Reports indicate the bloody footprints led to the college campus dorms by the police dogs. If so there is a good chance the individual(s) does not reside in Columbia any longer but may be following this story. If this person has a conscience they will do the right thing and contact Kathleen Zellner. She can be reached at 630.955.1212.


If you are reading this please imagine what you would do if your son or daughter was wrongfully accused of something and there was someone out there who could help set them free. Ryan has served almost 10 years behind bars. Prison is brutal and his life is wasting away. His family is suffering. And, you can do something to put an end to all of this. Be a hero and do the right thing. Even if it is done anonymously please do the right thing and make contact with the Ryan Ferguson Team.

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