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The Criminal Files.......(Greg Berin)...........Phase 3 of the Investigation

11-23-2013 at 12:38 PM 
This is where we left off: “This was when my first thought of Greg’s involvement came to me that I tried to ignore but couldn’t. We had been to my grandparent’s home several times since the initial jewelry went missing. He had opportunity but what is the motive? He was financially secure, he led me to believe, and didn’t want for anything. He appeared to care for my family and besides our families had a history going back to the 60’s. One would only think nobody in their right mind would do something like this under these circumstances. I was confused between the facts and reality. In the 13 years as a PI prior to dating Greg I had never worked with criminals nor did I know of any that I could recall at the time. I was in for a big lesson in life. So was Greg.”

Phase 3 of the Investigation

This is where I began my investigation on Greg. This is what led me to search his clothes ultimately finding my stolen pendant in his pant pocket. I couldn’t imagine why he would do this to me. I met his family who acted as normal as one would expect so there were no signs of concern for what Greg may have done in his past. He fit in well with my family and in fact was no stranger to my two brothers. My family welcomed him in with open arms.

The next event turned into a cat and mouse game. Greg, the mouse, was trying to stay one step ahead of me, the cat, as I was trying to catch him. This is how it unfolded:

The day after more jewelry went missing I told Greg I was going to my grandparent’s to attempt to figure out what happened to all the missing jewelry and he agreed to go with me but this time I was going to try to catch him in the act assuming he took advantage every time we were at their condo. But, instead he decided to change my plans and went ahead of me and without my knowledge. The next thing I knew he showed up at their building, got buzzed in by my grandmother and proceeded to enter their apartment. My grandmother called my mother and told her he was there and when I found out only minutes later I sped over in the hopes I would catch up to him but more important make sure he wasn’t there to harm my grandparent’s in any way. I was fearful as to what he was capable of doing to my elderly grandparents whom he had already allegedly stolen from, but……. he was gone by the time I got there. Thank goodness my grandparents were fine and able to walk me through the steps Greg took while there. His purpose of being there was to help try to find the missing jewelry and by conveniently showing them how the jewelry was stolen. Greg knew one of the nurses had a history of stealing and used it to his advantage. He took my grandmother into the guest bathroom and proceeded to explain what happened, “the nurses did this to my mother when my mother was sick. While working in the home they steal your jewelry and hide it from you and if you don’t complain about it for about 3 days or so they take it out of the home.” He reached in between two towels in the bathroom linen closet and conveniently pulled out a gold bracelet.

Shortly after I learned Greg had gone to his apartment and expressed concern to me that he felt we were blaming him for stealing the jewelry. He sounded serious as though he believed it himself but it was my job to convince him his feelings were not valid and that I was planning on marrying him and I professed my undying love for him. (I want to throw up) He bought it hook, line, and sinker. Why did I do this? Because I needed Greg in order to find the missing jewelry. I guess although I knew my love for him was dying I seemed just as authentic to him as he did to me. He came back as though nothing had happened and said, “Let’s just forget about all this. I love you.” There was more confusion on my part. How can you tell someone you love them and then turn around, with the same breath, and steal from them unless you are a CON MAN! I was sad because I had to listen to all of his verbalized romanticisms and gestures and remind myself none of it was real and let go of my own feelings for someone who didn’t really exist.

Later that day my mother met me at my grandparent’s condo and we searched high and low and this is what we found: A coffee can underneath my grandmothers bed. She once kept that coffee can in her clothes drawer that had nearly $8000 in it. It was empty!

Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse it did. It got much much worse.

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