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The Criminal Files.......(Greg Berin)...........BREAKING NEWS

12-05-2013 at 08:02 PM 
If you read this blog and arm yourself with the knowledge contained within the blog posted below it means you have a personal interest in this story. #Greg Berin, if you are reading this you are a Schmuck!

TODAY I went to my local dollar store where I frequent to buy specific quality items I am fortunate to get for a dollar where I would otherwise pay more for at another store. I usually bring my kids and almost never go there at the time of day that I did today and without my kids. I walked in, they were busy, and I got the few items I went there for. When I approached the checkout line, the one directly in front of the door that only a few minutes before had entered into the store, I looked at the cashier and I think I immediately went into a state of shock. I moved over to the next line where my breathing naturally became very heavy, my head started to hurt, and my stomach virtually dropped all the way down to the ground. At this point I was behind the cashier that caused my body to react in such a stressful manner. I couldn't help but hear his voice as he spoke to the customers he was servicing. It all came back to me at that very moment. The feelings I had during my #investigation. I WAS SPOOKED! I froze before I could decide what to do next. Had I left my cart there and walked out of the store I may have drawn attention to myself but had I kept on going through the line acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary perhaps the situation would give the impression, in his eyes had he seen me, that I had not seen him. The goal was for him not to notice me but there is no guarantee I got out of their unnoticed by my once perpetrator. He may have seen me walk into the store which is directly in front of his station. I wasn't paying attention to the cashiers when I walked into the store and went about my business. But, once I saw him I avoided eye contact in the hopes he would not notice me. As I moved through the short line directly behind him I held my breath and when spoken to by my cashier I tried to keep the volume of my voice as low as possible and in fact was almost afraid to speak. As I moved forward to the cashier Greg and I were back to back with only inches between us. Was I sure it was him? 1000 percent sure.

I suspected he would return to the neighborhood in which his #crimes were committed. I have anticipated this moment and have been anxious about running into him. (Please do not get the word anxious confused with the meaning of the word eager as people so often do. Anxious means full of mental distress or uneasiness because of fear, greatly worried etc. according to I was certainly not eager for it to happen.

My concern about all of this is with the dollar store. They either do NOT know that he is a convicted career #criminal and did not do a background check on him prior to hiring him OR they DO know about his criminal history and hire people like him to work in their stores across the country. They are not dealing with a one time convicted criminal but a 51 year old career criminal who has lived in prison more than out and the fact that he is a cashier worries me even more. He has access to customer information including banking, credit card, and personal information and he is handling money for this company giving him the opportunity, a conman and thief who has no conscience, to steal. Now, I don't know the policies and procedures for this dollar store and whether or not they leave a small amount of cash in the drawer at any given time or if they are part of the Project COPE that Greg is participating in, but regardless I believe they do not know who they are dealing with. A conman will try to con anyone including church members, employers, and often the law and believe it or not even a private investigator. ;-)

If this large corporation intentionally hires people just like Greg I will never walk into another one of these stores again for fear that a criminal acting as cashier is waiting for their next victim. The potential crimes include that of identity theft and for a criminal like Greg with motive and opportunity is in the middle of a thief's playground and the owner of this playground is risking the welfare of both employees and customers. Greg has spent over 30 of his 51 years in prison, finds it hard to get a job, lacks a credit history, and is required to be self sufficient. He said that he used to steal to make ends meet but also did it for the thrill. Most of these facts were taken directly from the source in an article he was featured in on November 10, 2013 in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Here is a link to the article: (

Businesses that put the Greg Berin's in contact with customers should be obligated to post a sign on the door, "we hire ex criminals" otherwise the businesses are not giving their customers the choice to put their personal information in the hands of a once and potential future criminal especially in this day and age. It should not be left up to the business to decide as to whether or not the ex criminal has been rehabilitated and will not be tempted to and follow through with committing another crime. I just hope they have good liability coverage. And, if they do not screen potential employees I feel the business has a right to know they have a Greg Berin working for them.

I believe everyone is deserving of a second chance and circumstance should be considered, but in this case it is chance number 6 for him as he has been to prison 5 times and did not learn his lesson after each sentence and if you have doubts as to whether or not Greg deserves the benefit of the doubt this time please follow my blog and you will understand why I feel the way I do. I am not saying he doesn't deserve to have a job especially if it will keep him from stealing from others, (that didn't stop him from stealing from me) but I feel it is not a good idea to interact with customers or handle money. I certainly do not wish harm come to him by any means nor am I revengeful or vindictive and am only using my experience with him to create a safer environment and future for others including my children. There are consequences for our actions and as far as the law is concerned Greg has paid his debt to society but he has yet to pay his debt to his victims and as a result of his behavior and actions against them he must face those consequences of his actions. I guess he should have thought twice before stealing from me. My efforts to educate others' by using my story as the example, including this blog and all that I have done, is as a result of his actions against me. I guess this is one of the consequences of his actions. Too bad, so sad. If only all potential criminals would think before they act.

The fact that there is a no contact and restraining order protecting myself and my family that requires him to keep his distance means that I will be the one that has to make the changes and shop at a different location. Why should I have to accommodate him? I did nothing wrong.

So, what would YOU do with this information? Please post your thoughts in the comments because I have not yet decided what to do with this information and your insight is greatly appreciated. I am in the line of business to help protect society from the scum of the earth.

If you have a legitimate reason to know the exact location and business name of which Greg is employed for the purpose of avoiding him please message me on Facebook.

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