Sunday, March 29, 2015

Conclusion of Rescue and Recovery Domestic and Emotional Abuse

As promised here is the conclusion of the last domestic case I worked on. 

(The other day I received a phone call from my client who said she was ready to move forward but was she really?)  

She said the words to my voice mail but seemed under the influence of a childhood friend who was with her at the time of the call.  I’d hate think so but it seemed my client was forced to call me and tell me she was ready to move on in order to satisfy the need of her childhood friend’s  to help her get out of a bad situation and my suspicions were confirmed when I returned her phone call leaving a message on her voice mail only to never hear from her again.  It is not my style to impose my services on someone who hires me even though I feel they need the help to move out of a bad situation such as this but to remind the person that I am there for them when and if they need me.  Did I mention my services of coaching, counseling and educating are free of charge? 

The ending result of this case remains to be seen.  My client still harvests her guilt and emotions while stuck in a bad living situation and it will not end until she pulls the plug.  It has to come from her and she has to have closure.  She has to be the one to say goodbye and to make sure the final curtain closes on this relationship otherwise her once live in companion and abuser will forever know that the door remains open.

I will continue to share my future cases and case history in order to help others.  As always the anonymity of those involved will be regarded.