Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What The Heck! Chain Letters


We have all seen them.  It goes something like this:

"You will be granted 1 wish if you forward to 5 people, 2 wishes if you forward to 10 people and 3 wishes if you forward to 15 people.  Look for your wishes to come true within 1 hour from the time you forward to your friends.


Bait:  A chain letter that if unbroken will benefit others in some way.   There is really no good reason someone might do this except to get a good laugh or make new "friends" for future gain.  What gain would that be you ask?  Anything they can get their hands on!

Does anybody believe in chain letters?  That, if you email or text a chain letter to someone that something good might come your way?  I personally believe that prayer is the way to go and not the feshtunkina chain letters.

It can be fun to join in with your girlfriends to see who breaks the chain but beware!  What if one of the chain letters you receive comes from someone with the same name as one of your friends that perhaps has sent you a chain letter in the past but this time it's a scam and really coming from someone who stole your friends social media identity?  What then?  Use your judgement and trust your instincts.   I posted about this on 11/16/16 in the Fun Fact Game in A Game We Should All Avoid.  Check it out here!

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