Thursday, October 15, 2015

Can A PI prove or disprove there is life after death? The PI Files

Rhonda Leifheit was guiding me into a hypnotic state of mind in order to experience past life regression.  I wanted to know who I was and what happened to me in a past life, if at all possible, that according to psychics, mediums, and many doctors of Psychology believe we all have.  I was putting it to the test as author and former Private Investigator Bob Olson suggested in his book Answers About the Afterlife .   It is something I know little about so I don't know at this point whether I believe it is possible to recall a past life.  I do, however, believe in reincarnation and that we have lived and will live many more lives and that each life there is a lesson to be learned.  The more we learn the closer we get to God.  As I continue to investigate I wanted to experience hypnosis and past life regression in two phases.  The first phase is to be put under hypnosis by a Past Life Regression Reader and the second phase was to have the reader go under hypnosis and give me a reading of my past life through Akashic Records.  Akashic Records have many meanings but to someone like me and you it means "memory bank" of our past lives.  You give your name and date of birth to the reader and they are supposed to be able to get into your personal records in the Akashic zone.  During the first phase of my reading I was being guided into meditation and into a state of deep hypnosis.

As "I" had been lifted out of my body and into the sky towards a light I began to feel hot as if I was burning up.  I doubt this was the reaction my past life regression reader and guide was expecting as her calming voice guided me towards a light as she described as warm and full of love, but she had no idea that I was afraid of heights.   Once there she suggested I seek comfort from my father, who passed away ten years ago in the early morning of Halloween, and look for him in the light, however, before I was able to find him it was suggested that I find a way to cool my body down in perhaps a cold rain shower or with a cold drink but I sought a ground covered in snow as I lay my body down to make snow angels as suggested by my guide.  Once cooled off I wanted to find my father, and became emotional for a moment but I was quickly guided to a long hallway where at the end I would find a door.  I stood by the door with a blank mind waiting for the next direction.  "Open the door" my guide asked  "what do you see?"

I slowly opened the big wooden brown door and the scene reminded me of when Dorothy opened the door to the Emerald City, and the first thing I saw was the color of dark silky red and a woman standing with her side to me.  She had the profile of a young slender woman with short dark hair and a band with a feather in her hair.  She had on a dark red tight dress that came down to right above her knees and fishnet stockings covered her long legs  After I described what I saw as if I was talking in my sleep I said, "I don't know if it's me I am looking at or someone else.  I don't know where I am."  I looked around the room to try to get a sense of where I was and guessed "I don't know if it's a brothel or a night club but I am in a dressing room somewhere."  My guide asked me to look down at myself to see what I was wearing.  "I am wearing fishnet stockings.  I am looking at myself in the mirror. The woman I see is me."   I said out loud, "I don't know if I am a prostitute or a lounge worker."  I was about to find out.  Rhonda said, " step through the next door to see where you are."  I opened the next door and I saw myself standing among a crowd of people shuffling past me as if they had somewhere to go.  I had a cigarette cart hanging down from my neck.  I am a cigarette girl in a night club and I am an aspiring singer trying to get on that (I pointed to the left) stage.  I am very focused on my career.  I see a man with a long mustache walking by otherwise everyone else looks blurry.  Nobody else stands out.  But, I don't know who this man is."  

 The best way to describe how I was feeling during this process is comparable to that while in meditation.  I can hear Rhonda's voice but when I respond to her questions I know what I am thinking in an effort to speak but I have no idea how I sound.  Listening back later to my voice I sounded as if I was talking in my sleep.  As I lay on the recliner every now and then I would consciously remind myself that I was still in my body and try to get a sense of how my body felt.  It felt tight and numb.  But, I would not feel my body unless I thought about it or focused in that direction. 

Rhonda took me a few years ahead of my days as a cigarette girl and I saw myself sitting in a small apartment.  It was just me.  It was quiet.  I had no friends.  I was completely focused on a singing career.  I was quickly whisked away from this scene.  Rhonda wanted to take me back to my childhood.

I went back into the childhood of the life I was viewing and I saw a little girl with short brown hair and bangs wearing a short white dress with small blue flowers sitting on the floor holding a doll in her hand.  The room was white as if I was in a kitchen or perhaps the white was symbolic for clean and spotless with a double meaning that my life was pure and boring as there were no other toys in sight and I felt as if I only had one toy to play with.  There was an attractive young woman sitting in a chair doing something with her hands.  I couldn't quite see what she was doing but I guessed she was knitting or something. My viewpoint was from that of a five year old girl sitting on the floor.  I sensed the woman was a mother figure in my life and was very firm and cold towards me.  I did not feel the love.  The next scene involved a piano but I wasn't sure what was happening.  I assumed I was taking piano lessons or something of that nature because I was standing next to it or maybe I was taking singing lessons.  The scene was unclear.  In my current life I never took piano lessons but taught myself how to play a song or two.  I never took to one instrument but had had lessons in guitar, violin, and flute and although I am no Madonna I love to sing for fun.  At this point Rhonda asked me to move on into my adult life.  The first thing I felt was myself and an unidentified man who was holding my arm guiding me through a crowded room and my viewpoint was as if I was shuffling through a crowd.  I realized that I was a headliner at a nightclub and the man on my arm was my agent/manager escorting me through the crowd of people to the backstage area.  I was trying to figure out my name and listened to the crowd but I did not hear it.  Rhonda suggested I look for a sign but there was none.  I was inside a building in a lobby area walking toward the stage to perform as a singer and that is as far as I got when Rhonda took me to my death in the life that I was seeing.  I would soon learn how and at what age I was when I allegedly died in my life as a cigarette girl turned singer.    I was nervous to take that next step but after all it was something that had already occurred so I took the leap and went to the next phase of my life.  Rhonda guided me to the time of my death and a scene immediately came to me as if a veil was lifted off of a picture in a gallery.  I saw myself lying in a hospital bed but this time my viewpoint was different than it had been.  It's as if I was watching it happen to someone else in a movie.  A man by my side was holding my hand but he was not a lover or a friend but more of a fatherly figure as I felt the bond that I shared with him.  He was my agent and cared for me as a father cared for a daughter.  He didn't speak much but took good care of me.  I felt safe with him.  He was older than me and had dark hair and a mustache that curled at the ends and he always looked so debonair.   I was weak, coughing and hot to the touch.  I clearly had an infection that was killing me because this was the death scene of this lifetime.  I died when I was in my mid to late 30's.  It was a peaceful death as I felt it occur.  I didn't feel any different except that I was no longer occupying the body that lay on the hospital bed.  The man that took care of me all those years was sad but maintained his composure as if he knew it was my time to go.  My guide led me back to the light and the spirit world where she asked me some questions.  1. who in that life is connected to me in my current life? 2. is the soul of my unborn child connected to either of my living children in my current life? 

These were questions I was seeking answers to from the beginning.  I wanted to know if there was a connection between me and my mother, grandmother and husband. I also wanted to know what happened to the soul of my unborn child.  I did not get the answers I anticipated and was shocked at the results.  I knew this much, if the answers were premeditated or of power of suggestion I certainly would not have gotten the answers that I did.  To be continued............................

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