Saturday, August 20, 2016

Would you know a scam if you saw it?

I am so excited to have launched my new website  My old site,, was so outdated but contained my research.  Unfortunately, it crashed but fortunately I saved it all.  Yeah!!!  I will add it to my new website soon and update all statistics because those are ever changing.  For example did you know that Identity Theft, being the fastest growing crime in America, in 2005 at an average there were 600K victims and has risen dramatically in 2014 with over 17.6 million victims?  (According to Bureau of Justice Statistics)  Are you a victim of ID Theft?  If so, would you have taken steps that may have helped prevented it from happening?  Wait, I can answer this for you. "Damn straight I would!" or "Yah, sure, you bet ya!"

In my earlier days of public speaking I handed out cheat sheets to my audiences that contained helpful information regarding identify theft and tips that could help avoid becoming a victim to the what seems to be never ending growing number.  Here are just a few of those tips.

1.  Be careful what you throw away in the trash.  Shred those papers that contain personal information.  Believe it or not cons still go through people's trash.  Yuk!  Take it from me from someone who can find out a heap of information with just a name or address.  If I could do it they can too (but maybe not as easily or quickly).

2.  Use strong passwords for your online accounts.  It's not a good idea to use the same one for every website you use.  And, keep them in a safe place.  Lot's of folks keep their private information on cell phones.  These days it's not necessarily the safest place unless you have the right security features in place.

3.  Check your credit reports at least once a year if not more.  Here is a link issued by the U.S. Government for a no strings attached free credit report.

4.  Sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry.  The less strangers call you the less likely you are to sign up for something that has SCAM written all over it.  Besides, your phone won't ring as much and trust me that once scammers and telemarketers start calling because they are legally allowed to the calls won't stop even if you tell them to stop calling.  By signing up for the do not call registry you are giving yourself the power to control and disable the annoying callers.  Here is the link that will get you started.  It takes less than a minute (if you have decent typing skills)

Please share these tips with your friends and loved ones.  People don't often speak openly about their personal struggles even with their best friends.  You may be able to save someone from becoming another statistic.

I am happy to say that I have updated my cheat sheet for future audiences that also provides information that could help conduct your own investigation at no cost.  You never know when you will need to check someone out whether it be a person or business.  Please visit my website for more information  Thank you for your support!

COMING SOON:  Identifying Uniform and How To Protect You and Your Children
How you can tell the difference between a real cop or authority figure in uniform from an imposture.  It's not as easy as one might think.