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The Criminal Files-(Greg Berin).............The Diary of a Private Investigator

07-31-2013 at 05:49 PM

It is just shy of 14 years since I sent to prison a liar, con man, and thief. I have had years of peace of mind knowing exactly where he was at all times. He was living in a medium security Missouri state prison albeit only a few hours away in a building with locks on it never to have opened for his departure that is until August 16th 2013 less than a month from now.

On August 16th he will leave the prison grounds a free man and will travel by bus to the City of St. Louis where he will become part of a program called Project Cope. Project Cope, funded by a local church, will provide him with an apartment, telephone, food, clothing, and help in finding a job. He is not required to reside in the all expense paid apartment for any length of time and is allowed to live there for up to a year. He will be on what they call face based parole requiring him to physically visit his parole officer during his parole time. The amount of time he will be on parole is unknown at this time. He will reportedly inherit a large sum of money upon his release giving him the financial freedom to go wherever he wants including back to the suburb of St. Louis called Creve Coeur where some of his crimes were committed. Why would a convicted criminal return to the scene of a crime? For what the criminal in this story thrives on, the thrill.

A person who has been institutionalized for any long period of time can find it difficult to rejoin society. In prison this person is told what to do and when to do it and in the real world they must depend on themselves. People are not rehabilitated in prison and most continue to commit the same crimes in prison that they did in the real world that landed them in prison. Prison is a small playground to criminals and they have less room to move making them that much more clever when committing crimes. The real world is a much bigger playground with innocent people who don’t see them coming.

Gregory R Berin is from Creve Coeur Missouri and has spent most of his life behind bars. His first public offense was at the age of 17 when he stole something that did not belong to him. Since then he has broadened his resume with known crimes such as breaking and entering, stealing firearm, impersonating a police officer, and felony theft. He is manipulative, a liar, and impersonator of professions such as a Medical Doctor, an Air Force Pilots, Police Officer, and Financier. He often has more than one girlfriend or fiancée at a time and steals from one to give to another. He is known to be promiscuous and has had many lovers of all shapes, sizes, and sexes. He was 18 years old when he was first incarcerated and will be 50 when he gets out next month. He has been in prison more than three times totaling over 30 years as a prison inmate.

There is no doubt he is not the worst of the worst but if you cross paths with him there is no doubt he will stir your pot and wake you up making him seem like the worst of the worst you have ever met.

My story first aired on the local CBS news over 13 years ago when Gregory R Berin was sentenced to 15 years behind bars for the known crimes he had committed. After it aired on Lifetime Television four years later Mr. Berin reported to a local newspaper that he blamed me for his foreseen problems rejoining society in the St. Louis area. I never had the opportunity to defend myself in that article nor did I feel the need because all criminals tend to blame their victims but I have the freedom to tell my story through my blog. With over 14,000 followers I hope to save at least one person from crossing paths with Gregory R Berin who has been known to victimize people all the way from Columbia, Missouri to Detroit, Michigan.

Since my experience I have become an advocate for crime victims through public speaking, radio, and my writings. I have healed from my emotional wounds and have come to peace with my ordeal. I will continue to share with my fellow PI’s, Police Officers and Detectives the details of how I was able to quickly catch the fugitive that Mr. Berin became after going on the run and to share with my fellow crime victims how I was able to move through the phases of shock, grief, and acceptance and how they too can learn to cope with PTSD.

My Story
          It is a story about a Private Investigator who falls in love with a conman who steals from her,
          among other things, takes off challenging her to a cat and mouse game where in the end it's up
          to her to catch him and beat him at his own game.  It is a true story.

Thirteen years into my career as a Private Investigator I was reunited with a familiar face from my childhood, Greg Berin………………………..

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