Saturday, November 25, 2017

Madman in the Library

It was mid October and the kids were elsewhere as I was running my Saturday errands.  It was a good time to pick up the books that my friendly librarian held for me.  I had no idea what I would find in the cluster of books that she recommended I read in pursuant of the research for my non fiction book proposal.  It's a tedious job but had to be done.
As I examined the books including "I Will Find You" by Joanna Connors and The "Complete Idiot's Guide to Private Investigating" by Steven Kerry Brown, there was a sudden sound you would never expect to hear in a public library where children are taught to keep their voices down and people go to get away from the many annoying sounds of society.  It was a man’s voice that propagated throughout.  He was clearly mad.  Was he a madman? 
I stood up to see what the commotion was.  At the checkout desk where the librarians congregate to help consumers there stood an older man, balding with grey hair, I am guessing in his early to mid 70’s, wearing a heavy winter coat yelling callously at the cluster of women librarians. “How can I read this paper if there is a staple in it!”  And, “You need to get this straightened out.  You people don’t know what you’re doing!”  But, it didn’t stop there.   He was clearly very angry.  He was angry enough to cause himself a great deal of embarrassment.  But, did he care about embarrassing himself?  Did he care what the patrons around him may have been feeling especially after the recent Las Vegas shooting on October 1st?  He continued to antagonize the innocent ladies behind the counter who appeared to not know what to do or how to handle this situation.
I grew angry for the verbal abuse and concerned for innocent bystanders, many of them males, who didn’t budge but sat in their chairs and kept their faces in their books and newspapers.  The managing librarian asked the old man to step out to the lobby.  He obliged but continued to yell with conviction.  He grew louder and louder.  He repeated himself many times about how upset he was that there was a staple in the newspaper he wanted to read.  I asked myself, “is it really all over a staple or is it something bigger than that?”  I approached the front desk and asked one of the ladies if they had called the Police.  She said “no”.  I requested they call the Police immediately.  She responded with “he is a regular but we have never seen him like this.  He is hard of hearing and is a loud talker.  But, he has never displayed anger towards us.”  I insisted she call the Police, but she didn’t budge.   I placed my books in front of her and kindly asked her if she would watch my books and then self-assuredly told her “I am going to take care of this myself.” 

I stepped away from the counter and into what could have been the line of fire.  Someone had to step in and help these gentle ladies including the manager who insisted that she could handle the situation without calling the Police, I believe, to keep the occurance on the down low and not bring attention to this public place.  Nobody was taking a firm hand with this old man.  He continued to belittle the managing librarian and anybody else who tried to calm him down.  The librarians used their inside voices asking him to stop yelling.  They asked him to leave with sweet sparkles of sugar in their voices.  He was not going to calm down.  He was growing more confrontational and provoking.  He started throwing his arms around and hit one of the librarians with the newspaper he was holding in his hand, the one he was complaining had a staple in it.

“Please leave now”, I firmly said as I held my hand out pointing to the door that was only a few steps away.  He got in my face and said, “I don’t care what you want me to do.”  I continued to tell him to leave.  He threw words in my face daring me to touch him.  I made a remark about how he will find himself behind bars if he does not do as he is told at this very moment and that he didn’t have a choice.  The choice would be made for him.  He continued to throw words in my face that I eventually ignored.  I did what I was trained to do in situations like this.  Despite feeling uneasy I stood my ground and remained poised.  I continued to use my somewhat large stature as a shield between the old man and the librarians and sort of guided him towards the door without touching him.  I continued to speak over him telling him to “please leave” shuffling him out the door.  He could have had a weapon in his pocket despite the sign NO GUNS ALLOWED posted on the front door. 

Everybody was safe.  The old man left and everybody returned to their original spaces.  The managing librarian called the Police and banned the old man from returning to the library.  They thanked me for my patronage but I didn’t know what to say.  I was more disappointed in the men who just sat back in their chairs acting as if they were minding their own business.  There was a scene, clearly.  We were loud and demanding.  Everybody in the library saw what was occurring.  It would have been nice if there was an off duty cop or military person or a man in the building rather than a mom of two young children stepping in to overrule a madman. 

I asked myself, was I was at the right place at the right time?  What would have happened had I not stepped in?  His anger was escalating with every syllable that came out of the managing librarians’ mouth.  He was clearly agitated, but over a staple?  I don’t think so.

What would you have done in this situation?  Despite my training I would have done the same thing because I witnessed my grandfather in a similar situation.  He took me and my siblings out for ice cream where there was a man violently holding a woman by her collar from across the ice cream counter.  My grandfather stepped in and saved the woman from whatever was to come. 

I felt I did the right thing.  I left the library feeling shaken and went on with my day. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

What would you do if......

If you were the manager of a business that serviced a local community whether a restaurant or gift shop, would you consider hiring an ex-convict? 

Would you hire an ex-convict who was incarcerated for murder? 
 For theft? 
For a drug-related crime?  (most drug-related offenses get a longer sentence than murderers.)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

You Never Know Who May Be Listening

Happy Halloween! 

 I thought it was a good day to go for a pumpkin spice latte at my local Starbucks and while there I would get some work done.  I found a small table near the few comfy chairs and love seat in a corner of the café.  As I was doing research for my nonfiction book proposal entailing my infidelity case log I couldn’t help but overhear a meeting that was taking place behind me. The woman, seated in a comfy chair, sounded as if she was on an interview as the man she was with, seated on the love seat, sat and listened.  She was talking about her history as an Investigator on infidelity cases and the various attorneys she has worked for.  What would she have thought if she knew there was an Investigator eavesdropping in on her conversation?  She moved on to describing her job as a Process Server and how the spouses almost never expected to be served with divorce papers.  She mentioned the name of one attorney who I happen to know and then proceeded to complain about his high fees, in the thousands, to his clients demanding payment in advance of his services, and how he would not always pay for her services, what little she received, until services were rendered.  She was loud enough for me to hear her in the busy café and only an earshot away I couldn’t help but listen to her as I kept my face in the book I was reading, Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write by Elizabeth Lyon.  

I was intrigued with what she was telling her possible potential employer.  I almost got up and handed her my card.  The thoughts as to what I would say to her, in front of the man she was allegedly interviewing for, was, here, give me a call sometime.  Or, be careful who you talk about in public places.  I know (so and so), and to not give her my card.  

In the end I decided the best move would be to do nothing. To mind my own business. I didn’t want to embarrass her but, handing her my card and asking her to contact me, in front of a potential employer, could have made her look good.  Perhaps I was a potential employer who was interested in hiring her.  I would have clearly posed as a mild threat, as a competitor, to the alleged interviewer she was with. 

Be careful what you say in a public places.  You never know who may be sitting an earshot away. 

Have a safe Halloween!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Las Vegas Caught In Hurricane

Everybody thinks about the recent tragedy when "Las Vegas" is heard.  The question we all have is "Why?". 

No matter by water or bullet Americans are being hit everywhere Las Vegas, in the middle of the desert, being no exception.  But, why?  There is a whole lot of bad happening to us.        

While the media dissects details about the perpetrator to learn the answers to why it happened the rest of us are questioning our own next moves.  We all know it can happen anywhere, at anytime, and to anybody.  In fact, I recall hearing one victim say "This only happens to other people.  I never imagined it would happen to us!"  Unfortunately, this could only be said after the fact.

I was in Las Vegas over the Labor Weekend and being shot was the last thing on my mind.  I could count on two hands the amount of times I have been to Vegas and never in the history of my travels have I heard of anything remotely close to this having had occurred in Vegas.  After the fact I realized this could have happened to us in our travels over the Labor Day weekend as the gunman was allegedly planning a more recent attack.  We would have been no exception.

The point is that it could happen to anybody at anytime. You are not the exception. 

The airports only take further security measures after an incident has occurred.  It's too late!
The concert and sports venues only take further security measures after an incident has occurred at a similar venue somewhere else in the country. The same with schools. 
Malls only add security after an incident has occurred only at that particular mall. 
You get the point.

Today we live in a society that requires our intuition/sixth sense/gut feeling be at the forefront.  We cannot rely on other people to alert us of such dangers ahead of time otherwise terrorism wouldn't exist and the concern in Vegas would have been canceled.  Now would be a good time for self proclaimed psychics to use their alleged powers.

What we can do to help ourselves:
  • ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings including exit doors, windows, balconies, etc.  
  • Be aware of the people around you.  Is someone's behavior unusual?  In other words, is someone active nervous in an environment that does not warrant such behavior?  Are they carrying an oversized bag that is not fitting for the venue they are attending?  Are there unusual bulges?
  • If you feel someone is acting suspicious then alert a staff member who should alert security.  Let the professionals make the final determination.  Do what you feel is necessary to protect yourself
  •  Take a self defense class.  These days they also teach you what to do if faced with danger in today's world.  
  • Let your instinct be your guide.  It's the feeling you get that something doesn't feel right.  in 9 out of 10 cases it's right on target.
  • Always listen to your instincts because it's the first thing that will alert you to danger if there are no external resources. 
Do not let the color of someone's skin deter you.  There are bad people in all skin colors, sizes, shapes and genders. I can only imagine what the terrorist organizations are thinking as we turn on ourselves.  Americans should be united not divided including the supremacists. 

What say you Donald Trump aka President Trump? 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Equifax Breach

Pay attention to the links you click on.

Example of a real site:
Example of fake site:

See the difference?

In other words, if you are provided a link directly by a trusted source then you are in good hands.
If you are provided a link that is not directly provided by a trusted source then watch out!

The idiots of the world, namely the crooks and trouble makers, will continue to find ways to beat the systems that are set up to protect consumers.  Though, there are ways to control some of what the crooks get. 

1.  Never give out your social security number. Use your drivers license number in it's place.
2.  Always shred paperwork and envelops that have personal information on them.
3.  Change your passwords often and make sure they are nice and secure.
4.  Screen anybody that you do not know that may enter your home including contractors.
5.  Keep your valuables including your passwords in a safe or safe place. 
6.  Invest in a Identity Theft Monitoring System, ie: All Clear, Experian, or Lifelock.

For more information please visit my website at  This is a safe link. ;-)

Learn all about the identity underworld through my presentation The Wake-Up Call: Identity Theft.  See my website for details. 

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Are YOU Being Scammed?

Have you received a telephone call advising that you are having problems with your computer? But, how would the person on the other end of the phone know this unless they had access to your computer?  And, why would they claim this on a cold call to a person who doesn't even own a computer?  

Rahku Tech, LLC is a company "based" out of Walnut, California, so they say.  Their website address is and they are listed with the Better Business Bureau.  They advertise as an internet software company that "cleans" computers that may have viruses, slow speeds, and even printer issues.  They have an outstanding satisfaction guarantee as noted on the refund policy page,  I have also attached a copy of the page below. 

Rahku Tech, LLC is currently under investigation for their business tactics and potential fraud.  If you come into contact with this business please let us know.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Investigator and Subject Stand Face To Face- Awkward!

It is the most uncomfortable feeling running into a subject while shopping at a store they work at especially when they are no longer under investigation.  

They don't know me but I surely know them.  I know all about them.  And, regardless of the purpose or outcome of the investigation, I feel like I am in a "zone" when standing at the checkout counter directly facing my once subject.  It's a chance meeting that is not realized until after I come face to face with the person I can identify in one of my files.

Facing the person who I secretly had to learn all about including where they live, who they live with, finances, and personal information that may or may not be considered for the sake of the investigation is TMI (too much information) when they are just a cashier checking you out at the register.  I could go to another register but there is no need to.  The "cashier" doesn't know who I am nor will they ever know they were under investigation and by me or for what purpose.  I can go through the transaction as if they are somebody I do not know.

There have been times that I have had to interact with my subject while investigating.  Subject's who think they are being watched will do their best to hide but when they resurface, because they always do,  their antennas are on high alert.  They look at everyone and everything around them everywhere they go.  It's fun to watch as the investigator because you know what they are hiding.  You know why they are constantly looking over their shoulder.  Yet, if they suspect they are being watched they rarely know who is watching them.

I rarely go undercover these days but when I do I am unrecognizable from my pictures that are posted on the internet.  I lurk in the shadow and keep my distance yet stay close enough to keep my subject within viewing range.  I am a spy but cannot completely claim I use a clandestine technique, often.

The former subject was sweet, friendly, personable, and had an innocent nature, not ever knowing they had once been investigated by the person that stood before them at the cash register.  It was easy to be friendly back and engage in chit-chat about the weather or the good deal I got on my merchandise.  Professionalism is the most important element in a moral situation where light and dark meet within the shadow.  I imagine this would not be the last time this investigator and former subject cross paths.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Take The Poll: Why Do Men Wear Cologne To The Gym For An Early Morning Workout?

As a woman, your guess is as good as mine so we want the men to answer this question.  Why do men wear cologne to the gym for an early morning workout when the shower will wash it all away, unless, they do not intend to take a shower.  Yuk!

"Why do men wear cologne to the gym for an early morning workout" Poll

Have you ever tried online dating?

Online dating seems to be the way to meet people these days especially when you don't want to get dressed up to go to a speed dating or singles event where is could potentially be a waste of time.  There are so much more people to choose from on the dating sites like eHarmony or  But, how safe it is?  Have you ever tried online dating?  Take the poll.

"Have You Tried Online Dating" Poll

Sunday, April 2, 2017

If "Joe" Calls

In a nutshell  

If someone you do not know calls you on the telephone and you happen to answer because your caller id implies it's an urgent matter and the male person identifies himself as "Joe" then it is probably a scam.

He calls from a Royal Cruise line, a hearing loss center, home security system, degree program and more.  The caller id probably says Security and for those of us that have a security system may more than likely answer the phone especially if you do not answer on their first attempt suspecting fraud and the same number calls you immediately back for a second attempt.

It may be a recorded system instead of a human being who is speaking with you live which is what I suspect based on what I heard at the beginning of the call.   I suspect that when you trigger the system by answering "yes" then a real male comes on the line and speaks with you live or they will end the call and sell your number to a fraudster who will call you back expecting you to answer the phone with the intention of scamming you.

The fraudster or scammer will take your "Yes" and edit it into a sales pitch and then charge you via checking account or credit card information, whichever they have on you via other means or a scam whereas you have given them the information, and run up your card.  They might charge you a for a vacation you will never take or goods you will never receive.

Is this true?  Well, maybe it is considering we know these phone calls are circulating around the U.S. And, while we do not know how they are acquiring our personal information such as our banking or credit card numbers it is important to know that it is possible.  Just think about how many times you have used your debit, credit cards, or have written a check in a month.  It can only take one.

To avoid this just simply do not answer your phone.  And, if you do not have caller id on your cell phone in addition to a caller id blocker and protection app then  GET ONE!  Hiya, as well as most that are like it, will tell you whether or not the caller is a scam or fraud and will also list comments others' have made about it.  You can also comment on your experience with a particular caller.  The good thing about these services are they are FREE!  Just go to your app store and type in id blocker.

Problem solved.

Check out these other articles about this scam.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Who Vandalized the Cemetery? Mistake or Deliberate

In light of my recent television interview where I speak of the society that we share with people who make poor choices and people who are not rehabilitative, my interview hardly touched on the most recent local crime of the cemetery Chesed Shel Emeth that was vandalized over the weekend and is most deserving of our attention.

As I drove through the narrow road around the cemetery lined by cars of those checking on their loved one's gravestones I noticed that all of the heavy-lifting was mostly completed yesterday followed by a vigil uniting the Jewish Community.  It could have been any cemetery if the vandals were not deliberately targeting the Jewish community and it could have been that the cemetery was at the right place at the right time for the vandals.  Were they drunk and looking for trouble or were they sending a message to the Jewish people?  It has yet to be determined as to whether this was a hate crime of antisemitism or a bunch of low life's who had nothing better to do or both.  Once they are caught, and they will be caught, will they show sincere remorse and have regret?  This will be relevant when we define what kind of people they are.

As I said on my television interview "we live in a society where we expect people to follow the same rules that we do, and that is just not the case.  We live among people who make poor decisions, we live among people with sociopathic behaviors and when people make mistakes whether they go to jail or not, we hope that they can be rehabilitated and that is just not the case all of the time...."    Every person wants to be given a second chance and society always wants to give people the benefit of the doubt. Those that can be rehabilitated are NOT the ones we must defend ourselves against.  Those that made a bad choice and do change for the better are NOT the ones that we must fear.  It is those that make bad choices time and time again and DO NOT change, own their behavior or lack remorse that we must fear and defend ourselves against.   It is unfortunate but we must learn to co-exist because like it or not they live in our neighborhoods shop in our grocery stores, and work in our businesses.  Who vandalized this cemetery?  How would they feel if this were to happen to them and their loved ones?  Some of us believe that one day they will know and experience the sadness they caused others'. This coming from someone who is pissed off and wants to catch the bastards.

The Wake-Up Call is an audience participation presentation that is fun and informative.  I demonstrate how naive we could be and take the audience into the mind of the common menace in society, the sociopath, and potential victim of prevalent scams in various forms including phone, debit card, and online scams. Are you single?  Do you do online dating?  Learn how to safely get a date with a potential mate! Learn the signs of deception and how to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth. Would you know what to do if you became a victim of identity theft? Arm yourself with knowledge and stay one step ahead of the game.  Audiences leave feeling empowered.  

A St. Louis-based reality tv show "Welcome To Sweetie Pies" gives ex-felons a second chance by employing them at one of their many Sweetie Pie locations (THE BEST fried chicken) in St. Louis and Los Angeles. Society should be thankful for them because without a sense of belonging or responsibility a person who once darkened the prison doorsteps may not see a light at the end of the tunnel and continue down a dark path.  There are many businesses that employ ex-felons and they should all be awarded.

Let's face it.  We all make mistakes but there is a huge divide between people who make mistakes then learn from them and people who make deliberate "mistakes" then repeat them.  Which category will the cemetery vandals fall in?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What The Heck! Chain Letters


We have all seen them.  It goes something like this:

"You will be granted 1 wish if you forward to 5 people, 2 wishes if you forward to 10 people and 3 wishes if you forward to 15 people.  Look for your wishes to come true within 1 hour from the time you forward to your friends.


Bait:  A chain letter that if unbroken will benefit others in some way.   There is really no good reason someone might do this except to get a good laugh or make new "friends" for future gain.  What gain would that be you ask?  Anything they can get their hands on!

Does anybody believe in chain letters?  That, if you email or text a chain letter to someone that something good might come your way?  I personally believe that prayer is the way to go and not the feshtunkina chain letters.

It can be fun to join in with your girlfriends to see who breaks the chain but beware!  What if one of the chain letters you receive comes from someone with the same name as one of your friends that perhaps has sent you a chain letter in the past but this time it's a scam and really coming from someone who stole your friends social media identity?  What then?  Use your judgement and trust your instincts.   I posted about this on 11/16/16 in the Fun Fact Game in A Game We Should All Avoid.  Check it out here!

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