Tuesday, October 31, 2017

You Never Know Who May Be Listening

Happy Halloween! 

 I thought it was a good day to go for a pumpkin spice latte at my local Starbucks and while there I would get some work done.  I found a small table near the few comfy chairs and love seat in a corner of the café.  As I was doing research for my nonfiction book proposal entailing my infidelity case log I couldn’t help but overhear a meeting that was taking place behind me. The woman, seated in a comfy chair, sounded as if she was on an interview as the man she was with, seated on the love seat, sat and listened.  She was talking about her history as an Investigator on infidelity cases and the various attorneys she has worked for.  What would she have thought if she knew there was an Investigator eavesdropping in on her conversation?  She moved on to describing her job as a Process Server and how the spouses almost never expected to be served with divorce papers.  She mentioned the name of one attorney who I happen to know and then proceeded to complain about his high fees, in the thousands, to his clients demanding payment in advance of his services, and how he would not always pay for her services, what little she received, until services were rendered.  She was loud enough for me to hear her in the busy café and only an earshot away I couldn’t help but listen to her as I kept my face in the book I was reading, Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write by Elizabeth Lyon.  

I was intrigued with what she was telling her possible potential employer.  I almost got up and handed her my card.  The thoughts as to what I would say to her, in front of the man she was allegedly interviewing for, was, here, give me a call sometime.  Or, be careful who you talk about in public places.  I know (so and so), and to not give her my card.  

In the end I decided the best move would be to do nothing. To mind my own business. I didn’t want to embarrass her but, handing her my card and asking her to contact me, in front of a potential employer, could have made her look good.  Perhaps I was a potential employer who was interested in hiring her.  I would have clearly posed as a mild threat, as a competitor, to the alleged interviewer she was with. 

Be careful what you say in a public places.  You never know who may be sitting an earshot away. 

Have a safe Halloween!

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