Friday, September 22, 2017

Equifax Breach

Pay attention to the links you click on.

Example of a real site:
Example of fake site:

See the difference?

In other words, if you are provided a link directly by a trusted source then you are in good hands.
If you are provided a link that is not directly provided by a trusted source then watch out!

The idiots of the world, namely the crooks and trouble makers, will continue to find ways to beat the systems that are set up to protect consumers.  Though, there are ways to control some of what the crooks get. 

1.  Never give out your social security number. Use your drivers license number in it's place.
2.  Always shred paperwork and envelops that have personal information on them.
3.  Change your passwords often and make sure they are nice and secure.
4.  Screen anybody that you do not know that may enter your home including contractors.
5.  Keep your valuables including your passwords in a safe or safe place. 
6.  Invest in a Identity Theft Monitoring System, ie: All Clear, Experian, or Lifelock.

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