Sunday, December 4, 2016

Crimes At Your Gym (Stay healthy and smart)

I wrote about this a few years ago and it bears repeating because of current activities occurring at your gym or workout place.

It is not a new crime conjured up but an oldie that is recurring especially close to the holiday season. Criminals are going through lockers, unsupervised jackets and gym bags at your local gym.

I've said it before and I'll say it again to never leave anything of value in your jacket pocket or a nail board accessible to others' and if you use a locker PUT A LOCK ON IT.   Criminals are everywhere including our schools, gyms, workplace and home and in any of these venues could a crime take place.  Here are some examples:

You're at school and you are running late for class and forget to lock your locker.  Anybody with the mind to steal will open a locker if it doesn't have a lock on it and they will steal anything and everything of value to them and others'.  They might take your lunch, cash, or instruments, cell phones, and computer devices that we all take with us wherever we go especially school.  Be mindful to lock your locker especially if you share it with someone.

You just got off work and heading to the gym for your routine workout.  And, depending on the climate you live in you get to the gym and drop your gym bag next to the coat rack that you hang your coat or jacket on and leave your keys in your coat or jacket pocket.  You don't feel a sense of insecurity because you are familiar with almost everyone there. You feel a familial connection as strange as it may seem because you work out with the same people every time you go.  I know this because I too have felt this way having been a regular at the gym working out with the same crowd every day.  But, it only takes one person to ruin all of that for you.  And, you're off to your workout.  In the meantime, someone is going through jacket pockets and spots your gym bag on the floor.   The people at the gym are minding their own business as most do and the criminal knows this.  Most people won't interfere or ask questions for fear of embarrassment.  And, if someone did interfere the criminal is prepared to what he/she is going to say.  "I have a jacket just like this. Wow, I'm so sorry." or, "My friend asked me to grab his jacket but I don't know which one it is."  Either way the criminal will take their chances and be prepared for their defense.

The criminal successfully locates sets of keys from a few jackets and goes out to the parking lot where he/she pushes the "open door" button and the key fobs going through each car including yours.  They search your car from top to bottom for anything of value including cell phones, cash, and iPad.  But, who would leave these valuables in their car?  ANYONE and  EVERYONE!  Boom, just like that, you have been ripped off and they might even decide to steal your car in the process.

Be proactive in securing your belongings and keep your keys with you at all times when working out or put your belongings in a locker and LOCK IT.  When you are shooting hoops or swimming laps there are strangers going through the locker room at all time.  It only takes one person with the mind to steal to go through your belongings and take what they want.

At our place of employment, we risk anything at our workstation being taken by a person with the mind to steal.  If your desk has a drawer that locks please be sure it cannot be picked by a bobby pin or similar key that is standard for locks.  Never leave your purse or wallet in your desk drawer otherwise.  Your coworkers know your routine and it only takes one person to ruin it.

In our home's we run the risk with every contractor we invite in including babysitters.  We also run the risk with our own family members including our teenagers and their friends.  It's a fact that children take money from their parents' wallet and so do their friends.  Yours might not but there are some out there who do.  Contractors can see what wonderful things you have in your home, where you store your purse and your routine to a degree depending on how long they are there.  Unless you check your contractor through a reputable background checking service or they have come highly recommended and you plan to be in their presence the entire time you run a risk of being ripped off where and when you least expect it.  Let's face it.  These people are strangers coming into our homes and we only know what others' have said about them.  Unless we know who these "others" are our risk runs higher.

These ideas are just another way we can control how a criminal may or may not impact us and our lives.  Taking the extra step that really involves very little time and effort will ensure you worry free times at school, the gym, work, and home.

EXTRA TIP:  If you can remember to, lock your car with the automatic button from inside your car and not your key fob.  More to come on this.

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