Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Tip From The PI Speaker

It is that time of year when we give more than we receive and that means we spend more.  Watch out for skimmers.  It is a safe bet to use cash when you can especially on those small transactions but when you need a safer way to make a larger purchase it is always best to use a credit card or check. A lot of places will not accept checks anymore so we are left with our credit cards and the criminals know this.  Criminals who use a skimmer will take your credit card and skim it in an illegal scanner that they wear on the lapel of their jacket with the wire hiding in a pocket.  They are the size of a quarter and hard to detect.  Once scanned your credit card number is saved into their database.

Later, the criminal will either sell your credit card number or keep it for them self.  But, no worries!  If at all possible keep an eye on your credit card as the salesperson completes your transaction and check your credit card statements often.

Now, you are ahead of the game.  Share and be merry!

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