Sunday, November 13, 2016

Social Media Scam Bait and Solution #4

The top #4 social media scam, according to Norton. com is Cash Grabs.  Cash Grabs is a popular scam that most of us have seen.  You received an email from a friend that in a panic needed your financial help because they lost their wallet and was deserted in a foreign country.  Sound familiar?

The bait:  an email or social media profile from a “friend” who claims they lost their wallet while on vacation and need money from you in order to get home.

How it happens:  Your friend's computer was infected with malware.  Malware is malicious software, hence the nickname “malware”.  Malware is an infection that hijacks the computer including data, contacts, emails and more.  You may have heard the term “worm” or “spyware” and are good examples of what malware is.  The creator of the malware that infiltrates a computer is the true culprit according to the software they generate containing harmful coding. 
In this case, the malware grabs the contacts on the computer and forwards a fake email to all waiting to and waits to see who takes the bait. IE: Hey, guys.  I am stuck in London and need money to get back.  Someone walked off with my bag that had my cell phone and plane ticket.  Please email me back asap so we can make arrangements.  Thanks!

Solution:  Ignore it!  Contact your friend and let them know their email was hacked.  Tell your friend to scan their computer with malware scanner software.  Here is a link to Microsoft for a free download.

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Stay safe and knowledgeable.  Cheryl D. Ring, The PI Speaker

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