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Inmate #281129 Formerly Known As Jodi Arias

PHOTO: This undated booking photo provided by the Arizona Department of Corrections shows Jodi Arias. This is #281129 formerly known as #Jodi Arias. There are not as many characters in her new name compared to her old name but I am sure it will take her no time to memorize it and no doubt it will take less time to write.  

Inmate #281129 has the characteristics of a Sociopath and reminds me of the multiple time convicted criminal that perpetrated me and my family in 1999.  It was his sixth or seventh time behind bars and although the prosecuting attorney was asking for over 50 years he got away with 15.  After my incident I researched and studied his behavior and concluded that he was indeed a Sociopath.  A Sociopath is one who lacks the super ego part of their personality (id, ego, super ego makes up the personality).  They lack the ability to feel remorse, regret, and guilt therefore does not feel their actions are wrong.  They often believe their own lies as they tend to be compulsive liars having the ability to tell a lie without feeling guilt, and are also known to be narcissistic which according to means having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one's physical appearance. # Inmate #281129 has displayed this characteristic in many instances and showed much enthusiasm before, during, and after media interviews.  She too ignored the evidence shown during the trial and stuck to her story claiming to be a victim of a nice, decent, and normal guy who caused no harm to others.  I am sure she believed her own story.  Her speech to the judge on her earthly judgement day was clearly her desire to have the last word as she spoke with anger in her voice making sure the family knew that her victim #Travis Alexander was still conscience and alive right before she slit his throat.  Her display of anger in front of #Judge Stephens while making a last attempt to defend herself against the truth was probably the same anger Travis Alexander saw the day she decided to end his life.  

All you have to do is go to the Facebook Page (#The State vs Jodi Arias (nka inmate #281129)-Travis Alexander Murder Trial and see how many people support the victim in the case.  What we do not understand is how inmate #281129 has supporters that clearly defend her actions of stabbing a person over 25 times, shooting him in the head and slitting his throat.  What does that say about the supporters?  They can claim their personal experience of domestic abuse and feel inmate #281129 was defending herself but why would she require defending herself against someone who had been stabbed over 25 times and shot in the head?  Why slit his throat unless she was trying to achieve the goal of death?  I cannot understand how inmate #281129 supporters think and why they feel she was justified in her actions but there needs to be a reality check.  Had she felt threatened she could have left.  If she is strong enough to drag a 150 plus pound body from one end of the hall to the other and put him in the shower stall she could have easily gotten away from a person who had multiple stab wounds and obviously had to support himself by leaning on the walls as we saw in the evidence photos.  Her story does not make sense and lacks evidence.  How can she believe her story is believable?  This is how a Sociopath thinks.  

The evidence speaks for itself besides inmate #281129 attempting to destroy evidence and lying her way through an interrogation.  She murdered Travis Alexander in cold blood and it was premeditated.  And, the victims do not stop at the Alexander family and friends but includes inmate #281129 family and friends.  She fooled them good but what mother wouldn't stand by her own flesh and blood if not for anything but support?  I can only imagine the truthful thoughts that have gone through her family minds and trying to make sense of it all and trying to justify her actions.  We do what we have to do to get by and that goes for inmate #281129 family and friends.   Everything she said from the beginning to the end of this entire ordeal has been to cover up, defend her lies, and to attempt to justify her actions in a sickening criminal kind of way.  She had an excuse for everything and in her mind it made sense when in fact she just looked like a fool to everyone who saw the truth but she never gave up.  Typical of a Sociopath.

Did she get what she deserved?  My personal opinion is that the death penalty should not exist but not for reasons you may think.  I am against the death penalty because of the innocent people that die and not for the guilty.  A life behind bars will not be as splendid as she may think as she is still young and will endure no true love or the touch of a man again.  She will be up against her own kind who may or may not be able to manipulate her as she may attempt to them.  She will have to face her own demise as she wakes up every morning wearing the same color clothing, eating the same food, and seeing the same people day and night.  I just pray that she is treated like the criminal that she is and she is punished as she deserves while behind bars.  I hope they strip her of any rights she may have had before of communicating with other inmates, teaching, singing, and drawing but that may be considered cruel and unusual which is against the law.  What is her true punishment?  Even institutionalized people get used to a new normal and try to make the best of it.  Those that were raised in prison tend to try to get back in because that is all they know like the criminal who perpetrated me and my family.  

I would like to see Nurmi interviewed by the media to get his honest take on what really happened.  I know he wanted off the case from the beginning and I can imagine only because he saw her guilt of premeditation. We can believe what we want until he speaks up.  Right?

I had the same experience with my perpetrator in the end.  He too would not admit to any wrongdoing even though the evidence spelled it out.  His behavior suggested that he too was angry that he got caught and that what he did was everyone else's fault.  To this day, 15 years later, he has not apologized nor shown remorse or regret for his actions but continues to make efforts to bully me since his release from prison.  I had to come to the realization that this individual is inhumane, lives by his own rules, and will one day have to stand in front of the almighty judge.  He will one day feel what I felt when he committed his crimes against me.  I maintain my right to freedom of speech to tell my story in the hopes it will help others as so many before me has done.  

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