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Can A Private Investigator Prove Life After Death?

As a skeptic by nature I believe what I see and question what I can't and this is why, along with my problem solving skills, my calling in life, at least the first half of my life, was to be an investigator.  I have to believe it because that is where I ended up.  With 30 years behind me I have accomplished more than most in my field.  I am proud of the success I have had in my career and is the reason I write this blog.  First and foremost my primary goal as an advocate and experienced adventurer is to write about experiences that will help another person.  With that said someone who knows me well  brought a book to my attention and thought that I would be interested in reading it.  It's called Answers About The Afterlife written by Bob Olson who is the host of and a Private Investigator who for 15 years investigated the possibility of there being a life after death.  My eyebrows raised and curiosity got the best of me.

Now, as a spiritual person who has wind chimes hanging off of the patio roof and a library full of read books about life after death and near death experiences including Life Before Life by Jim B. Tucker, Return To Life  also written by Jim B. Tucker, Proof Of Heaven written by a neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander M.D. who wrote about his near death experience, To Heaven And Back written by Dr. Mary C. Neal, MD who wrote about her near death experience,  Journey Of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton, PhD, and Destiny Of Souls also by Dr, Michael Newton, PhD who is a regression therapist and documented hundreds of his patient sessions and compiled common experiences into these books.  I was fascinated with all of these books and those I did not mention.  I read books written by medical doctors because like an Investigator they require their diagnosis to be seen under a microscope and not merely by suggestion or instinct.  I would have a better understanding by our common skepticism by not believing something without some type of proof. Speaking of proof I am also a huge fan of the mini series Proof that can be seen on TNT about a medical doctor who had a near death experience and has been hired by a man with a terminal disease to find proof of life after death.  I have also seen all of the episodes of The Ghost Within My Child that tells the true stories of families who have experienced their very young children claiming to have lived before providing detailed information including names, addresses, and dates from their previous lives.  Dr. Jim B. Tucker along with Dr. Ian Stevenson would take similar stories and conduct very in depth investigations in order to rule the claim of the child to be true or false.  This also includes the story and movie seen in theaters Heaven Is For Real about a four year old boy from a small town in Nebraska who allegedly died momentarily while suffering from a ruptured appendix.  The movie was  based on the book written by his Pastor father Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent.  I have also watched Theresa Caputo of the Long Island Medium and Rosie Cepero from Angels Among Us both shows on television that demonstrate their claimed abilities to connect with loved ones who have crossed over.  I have been to mediums, psychics, and a channeler who have all claimed to be the real deal.  Some were clearly not and some were convincing enough to be considered the real deal.  It is not my job to decide who is real and who is not nor do I care to spend the time to do so.  I do enjoy sitting back and letting everyone else do the hard work while I can simply pick up a book of a person whom I consider realistic with skepticism and learn from them.

Needless to say I am extremely curious about life after death and have been exploring this possibility for a long time but certainly not as in depth as Mr. Olson.  As a seasoned investigator I know the tools and resources that are available to our profession and I know how the mind of an investigator works.  Without going into great detail about my experience I invite you to read this blog that contains cases I have worked on that will clue you in to my experience including criminal, missing children, and skip tracing cases, that is if you care to see my background.  When I read on the back of Bob Olson's book that he is a former skeptic and PI like myself I wondered what skills and resources he was able to use to investigate the afterlife to become convincing enough to write a book that I have seen many compliment.  I am not judging nor challenging this book whatsoever.  I say it's about time one of our own can use their skills to show people that there is enough evidence to consider that life after death can exist.

I am excited about this book and look forward to getting started and will blog about my thoughts as I do what investigators do best, analyze.  And, here we VII Dedication...........

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