Sunday, September 13, 2015

Can A Private Investigator unlock the mysteries of life after death?..........The PI Files

On the last page of Bob Olson's book Answers About The Afterlife, A Private Investigator's 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life after Death and the host of, page 242, he states "become your own afterlife investigator, gather your own evidence, and then draw your own conclusions."  From the beginning of this book I was hoping to read in more detail about the investigation and resources used to reach the conclusions in order to give more substance to the statements made such as: "we communicate through our thoughts" when answering the question "How do spiritual beings communicate with other spiritual beings?" found on page 102.  And, what about this more controversial subject of "What happens to the soul after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion?"  Mr. Olson concluded in his statements "in both a miscarriage and stillbirth, the soul is in control of this outcome" and "just as with miscarriage or stillbirth, because souls are eternal, the child's soul knows it has infinite possibilities to live life through another baby and possibly through a baby from the same mother.  The soul intending to experience life through that baby is, therefore, completely accepting of the mother's choice to end the pregnancy."  This book is good for someone who is seeking peace of mind due to the loss of a loved one but offers little or no evidence to support the information contained within.  It is also a good book of reference to other books that have been written about these topics.  I enjoyed reading this book but what I seek in my journey includes detailed information about resources used to support the content of the material I view.  In this instance I do not know Bob Olson nor do I know the resources he used to write his book, other than what had already been published in other books, so I cannot automatically believe what he says to be true, however most of what he wrote I have read elsewhere by authors who have provided some form of background to their conclusions and with that I believe many of Mr. Olson's answers but for those who are relying on this book for answers and proof will not be satisfied.  

It is hard to provide evidence when it comes to something you cannot see.  When we seek advice should we believe anybody who offers us an answer especially when it is something we want to hear?  If you answered yes then this blog is not right for you because you may read things that you may not want to read OR maybe you are open minded enough to consider something you have never considered and/or agreed with in the past.  If you have never considered an afterlife in the form of spirit or soul then how could you even consider there is a God?  Let me state it another way.  If you believe in God then you must consider there is something more.  God is something we cannot see, right?  At least not in the form that we would expect that makes it believable enough to know that it is God that we are looking at. We first have to ask ourselves what God means to each of us and what it represents.  If you believe in God then you must consider the possibility there is something other than what we see on earth and in our galaxy as humans.  The common factor that most if not all professionals who have ever written about life after death have agreed and concluded that there is a soul or spirit in all of us that is separate from our body and when "we" die our soul or spirit leaves the dead body and returns to the spirit world.  Therefore, "we" do not die, only our bodies do.  With that said, once you have decided whether or not you believe in a more supreme existence then you will accept the likelihood that people have an ability to connect with spirit in one way or another.  Just because you do not have the ability doesn't mean another person does not.  There are some people who have proven their ability to the world and some claim to have the ability but have never been so lucky to have been given the chance to show it and there are those who claim to have it, have convinced them self they have it, but are unable to prove it because they simply do not have the ability they claim to have. When a psychic medium tells you things about yourself and your life that only you would know would you consider they have a gift of psychic ability?  Once they prove to you they have the gift of psychic ability (and I do not use the word "prove" lightly) and then they give you messages from your deceased loved ones would you believe the messages are real?  This is a form of evidence we cannot see! 

I will be visiting a regression therapist by the name of Rhonda Leifheit in the next few weeks and will seek answers about my past lives and my purpose in this life.  I will not know if I am a believer of this artist until after my session.  I have questions about my spiritual relationship with several people in my life including my husband, mother, grandmother, perpetrator, my children and some friends whom I feel I am connected with on an advanced level.  I will audio record my sessions and document my analysis in this diary.  I am both nervous and excited about this potential and going into it grounded and skeptical.  

I am a skeptical believer, not a doubter and seek answers about spirit with a sensible and practical mind.  I hope you continue on this journey with me if not for anything but to consider the information I provide to help answers to your questions while on your own journey.  This, I believe, is what Bob Olson's intentions were when he shared, in his own way, his book Answers About The Afterlife.  

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