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Can a Private Investigator unlock the mysteries of life after death?.......The PI Files

The question is:  What happens after we die?  I have been seeking answers to this question for several years by reading books from reasonably qualified professionals that have researched through various methods including meditation, psychic readings, channels, and using the deepest state of hypnosis used in regression therapy called the somnambulistic state of mind.  The book I am reading now and have been blogging about lately is called Answers About The Afterlife A Private Investigator's 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life after Death written by Bob Olson who is also the host of AfterlifeTV.com.

I was given this book to read because I am a Private Investigator, a natural born skeptic, and curious about the afterlife as was Bob Olson who wrote this book.  I have so far found this book to be very easy to read and understand even for a beginner who is curious about what may come after life on earth as we know it.  It is a question and answer book to some of the most common questions regarding life after death such as: what determines how and when we die?, when does our spirit leave our body at death?, and is death painful, scary, and dark?  These are just a few of the questions answered by Bob Olson in his book Answers About The Afterlife where he bases his answers on the results of his 15 year investigation.  I was especially interested in reading his book because of the shared skepticism and the mindset of seeking evidence and then drawing to a conclusion based on that evidence while using his skills and resources as a PI.  In my opinion an investigator of any type is much like a scientist who must see to believe, in most cases, and this is no different.  Mr. Olson states that he interviewed many people who have had near death experiences who have seen and witnessed a glimpse of the afterlife.  But, who are these people?  What is their background and are they reliable, and how reliable is the person performing the reading?  These are questions that were not answered in the book but there are many topics I can relate to based on my personal experiences that Mr. Olson writes about including mediums, channels, and psychics.

I think in order to best understand how mediums, channels, and psychics work is to have experienced deep meditation because during deep meditation you feel as if your body separates from your soul or as Mr. Olson explained in his book it is your spirit that inhabits your body and not your soul.  On page 86 of his book he says, "our spirit is that part of our soul that inhabits our human body in order to experience a physical life" and "the soul is forever connected to the spirit".  Better said on page 17 he states "first, there is an ocean, then from that ocean comes the waves.  The ocean is the soul, and the waves are the spirits".  While I have never heard it put quite this way I think it is a good analogy having read a number of books on the subject.  If you ever get to the point where you meditate and experience the feeling of oneness with yourself then you will have a better understanding of how it feels to have an out of body experience and find peace within yourself as well as believe that proven reliable mediums, psychics, and channels have the ability to do what they do.

In order to meditate successfully it is best to find a quiet place where only you control the sounds such as a sound machine or music.  Sitting outside with bird chirping is fine too but not near a highway where the big rigs sound their horns. Outside noises are very distracting when learning how to meditate although once you have mastered it you will learn that you can meditate anywhere without distractions.  I often meditate for fifteen minutes at a time while at the gym during my workouts and have no idea what goes on around me during this time nor am I aware that my feet are moving underneath me and surprisingly my eyes are always open.  There are many ways to meditate but the best way to start out is to learn how to focus.  The best way to do this is to find that quiet space and close your eyes and do some breathing exercises in order to relax your body and mind.  Don't forget to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth....slowly for a count of three.  Then, relax every part of your body from your head down to your toes one body part at a time including ear lobes, throat, and stomach.  For every body part you relax try to focus on that body part.  Once you have completed this task then try to focus on one thing.  People who try to meditate and fail often blame it on the inability to focus and get distracted by thoughts that may cause them stress like a report that is due or something as simple as a mental grocery list.  Try to focus on a single white light or a black dot that you envision in your mind or maybe can see through your eyelid.  Shut your mind off and focus on looking at the light or dot.  Every time your mind wonders, and it will, just go back to your chosen focus object.  Learning to focus will get you closer to a successful meditation session that can last anywhere from ten to twenty minutes or longer and believe me when I say that ten minutes of meditation can feel like longer than ten minutes.  The deeper you go under and are able to focus the more you will start to feel different as if your mind is not connected to a body.  It takes time and practice to get it right and it is very rewarding especially for people who have a lot of stress in their lives.  Is it possible to meditate if you have a lot of stress?  Absolutely!  It's a temporary break from life, a vacation, and something to look forward to doing especially for those that have a lot of stresses in their lives.

Hypnosis is very similar to meditation.  My teacher of meditation who had the pleasure of meditating with and learned from the Dalai Lama, Tom Pasley, often took his class on a journey through the power of suggestion and it was up to us, the students, to focus on his words and allow ourselves to travel on these journeys.  If you were lucky enough to be on a journey with Tom all of your senses came alive and were able to see, hear, feel, smell and taste all that was suggested while meditating.  Please know that Tom's ability to use the power of suggestion was not the reason for our success but it was his guidance, his voice, and our ability to relax ourselves that allowed us to have these experiences.  The difference between meditation and hypnosis in my opinion, having had done both many times, is that meditation is a self propelled state of mind and hypnosis is when someone else guides you as you meditate. Here is a link for Tom Pasley and his background:   http://www.stlouisqigong.com/St._Louis_Qigong/About_Tom.html.

My definition of a hypnotist is a person who helps someone meditate by the power of suggestion by first taking them through the first few steps of meditation and relaxation.  Then, they guide you to wherever it is you want to go and sometimes where you would never want to go.  When I was a teenager I went to several hypnotist shows and parties where the hypnotist put a group of people on stage and attempted to hypnotize them all at the same time and would test each person by putting a flame from a lighter underneath their hand to see if they follow the power of suggestion by not reacting to the heat from the lighter.  I was the subject of this experiment a few times.  The next step was to have them each do something funny or something that might otherwise cause them embarrassment in order to get a reaction from the audience who paid money to see the show.  I studied the way the hypnotists worked and tried it on some friends and friends of friends one night at a sleepover.  Three girls opted to go under hypnosis and I knew two of the three so I knew nothing about the third girl.  Out of all of the hypnotists that I had seen I combined their different techniques hoping it would relax a person enough to act on my suggestion but wasn't sure if it would work.  It seemed that all three girls were relaxed and in some sort of meditative trance so I proceeded to give them suggestions of things to do that only sixteen year old girls would think of as some of the other girls were watching and helping me give suggestions to those that were allegedly in a meditative state.  Everything was going strong until I told the girl I didn't know that two friendly dogs were approaching her.  Upon that suggestion she started to scream and cry and ran off really to nowhere since the door to the room was closed but she went as far as she could and hugged the wall and would look behind her as if the dogs were following her which got us into trouble because it woke up the parents of the house.  Of course all three girls were still under when the parents found out what we were doing and ordered me to take them out of the trance, as if they actually believed they were under, and asked us to promise to never do it again.  After I went through the exit process of hypnosis the one girl told us that she was afraid of dogs and swore she felt as if two dogs were following her.  We were all shocked by the possibility that my attempt to hypnotize actually worked and as a result scared me to the point that I have never done it since.  All these years later and now that I know more about it I would certainly share what I know in order to help others learn how to relax using the safe methods I have learned from certified trainers.  But, keep in mind what works for one person might not work for somebody else.  Once you learn how to meditate you will find what environment works best for you along with music, a mantra, or silence.

Once you have experienced meditation in the way that I have experienced it you might find it easier to accept the gifts that mediums, psychics, and channels have and that regression therapy in the form of hypnosis might actually work.  Let's go one step further and imagine being in a deep state of hypnosis with a regression therapist who guides you to a past life.  I am about to take this journey for the first time with a regression therapist by the name of Rhonda Leifheit who was recommended to me by a friend who experienced it for herself.  Here is a link to her website: http://www.pathfindnews.com/resources/source.html.  I hope to learn about my purpose in this lifetime and my connections with friends and family that I consider soul mates.  More about this next time.

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