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Ferguson Missouri and The Truth Be Told

#Is this case about race or is it really about bad behavior? 

As an investigator it is very important to have all available evidence and information about an incident in order to reach the most logical and obvious conclusion and more importantly the truth.  It has been my practice not to jump to a conclusion regardless of what it looks like on the surface until I have reviewed the entire case including evidence, witness statements, and anything pertaining to the case I am reviewing.  I have experience in missing children and criminal cases where I have exercised this discipline.  Since my shift in the field 18 years later, now working a desk job safely behind a computer, the cases that I work are not as grandiose, however, I exercise the same discipline.  I cannot speak for every investigator, Detective, or Police Officer but I can speak from my point of view in order to make my points. 

First Point:

The Grand Jury in this case was armed with all of the knowledge needed in order to come to a conclusion.  This information was NOT available to the public before the protests and riots began.  What reasonable person would begin to protest before they have information about what they are protesting?  A man was shot and killed by a police officer.  What were the circumstances?  Who were the witnesses and are they credible?  Some of the witnesses that came forward reportedly often changed their stories.  What was the evidence?  Evidence speaks for itself and is concrete and conclusive..  The evidence that is concrete and conclusive in this case did not match up with the witnesses who often changed their stories and whose credibility is unknown. 

Second Point:

According to evidence and testimony in this case Michael Brown displayed aggressive behavior towards police officer, #Darren Wilson, who ultimately shot and killed him in order to stop Mr. Brown’s aggressive behavior that he felt would ultimately lead to his own death. Who is Michael Brown?  What do we know about him and his personal life at home, school, in society?  Who is Officer Darren Wilson?  What do we know about him and his personal life at home, work, and in society?  These questions must be answered in order to move forward in the investigation.

Third Point:

 Once we answer the Second Point question and know who the key players are in this dramatic and horrific event we must ask the question as to whether or not Officer Wilson meant to kill Mr. Brown or simply disable him so he would discontinue with his alleged aggressive behavior that made #Officer Wilson feel threatened.  Let’s me ask you this question:

What would you do if you felt threatened by someone twice your size who verbally and physically challenged you to a fight who upon warnings of defending yourself with a deadly weapon did not back off?  This was Officer Wilson’s position.  Forget that he is a cop who has taken an oath to protect society and maintain order in the community.  He is a human being in a precarious situation. 

What was #Michael Brown’s position?  We will never know.  This leaves the question open as to what really happened? The only voice Mr. Brown has in this case is the evidence. 

We must leave this case in the hands of the professionals who have displayed #integrity throughout their lives.  We have no choice but to trust in our flawed justice system but in the hands of trustworthy people who have previously demonstrated good investigative skills, open mindedness, and compassion towards human life.  Most people who get into the field of investigations or Police work are in it to help other people.  We like problem solving and there is nothing more rewarding to us than solving a problem and getting to the truth of the matter.

I am not only a Private Investigator and writer but also a student of a college in the #Ferguson / Florissant district not far from where this incident occurred and where #looting eventually took place and  I have never felt unsafe or apprehensive about the area that I frequent weekly along with Ferguson residents.  I go to school with kind normal people who have problems just like me.  Everyone has a story and unless you sit down with a person and talk with them you will never know what their story is and they will not know yours.  The Grand Jury randomly selected by a Judge were twelve people of mixed races, backgrounds and perhaps ethical values who had to come to the same conclusion regarding two people one of which whom they had never met. Do the angry rioters believe that these twelve jury members targeted them by not indicting Office Wilson?  Do they think they came to this conclusion to spite them?  What was going through their heads while they set fire to the cars and buildings in Ferguson Missouri?

If they think the color of Michael Brown's skin, of what some refer to as “black”, which isn’t really black at all but is more of a really good tan that some Caucasian people want their skin color to be, has anything to do with this they really need a reality check here. Watch this video that speaks for itself.  These are not my words but the words of an African American man who is speaking directly to the protestors and rioters that caused damage due to anger.  Message from Fredrick Wilson II

Who are the perpetrators and what are their stories?  Everyone has one.  Why did they commit these crimes and destroy property?  Were they followers or leaders?  What is their home life like?  Are they gang members?  Did their parents educate them so they can live a peaceful life in a diverse community?  Do they value themselves?  Do they have anger management issues?  If we sat down with each person who displayed any type of aggression and anger in the riots and fires that resulted from the Ferguson incident perhaps we can use their stories to help others deal with their frustrations and anger in situations like these.  

The #protestors in this case are exercising their first amendment right of freedom of speech but the uneducated and unreasonable people who started fires of local businesses in #Ferguson destroying their own community are now criminals and must face the same consequence (the possibility of facing criminal charges) as #Officer Darren Wilson who was accused by them, the rioters and fire starters, of committing a crime on the same streets.  The only way we can fight back is to educate our children and teach them how to have integrity, cope in society, and make changes for the better.  Life sucks for a lot of us but with the help of our friends, relatives, and those who care, even strangers, we can get through it and go on with our lives. Life is short!   I can think of other ways for angry people to spend their energy.  How about fighting to keep our country safe?  We live in #America the greatest country on Earth and there are bigger forces and worse criminal trying to destroy it and what it stands for.  America gives us the right of #freedom of speech.  Let's not abuse the right and use it for the greater of good.  These events are embarrassing and making America look ridiculous to the bigger bad guys who want to destroy what America stands for.  

Final Point:

We did not know the evidence and testimony of this case, until now.  The damage to local businesses began before the evidence became available to the public and after the Grand Jury made their decision.

People have the right to stand up for what they feel is right or wrong but should really know the facts about their subject matter before taking aggressive action against innocent people who have nothing to do with their subject matter.  The local businesses of Ferguson did not force nor have anything to do with Officer Wilson's actions.  The local business of Ferguson did not hire Officer Wilson nor interview him that led to his employment within their community.  So, why blame them?  The aggressors in this case should expect retaliation and not blame those who retaliate against them.  The aggressors in this case should be held responsible for their actions.  

Please note that when I refer to 'aggressors' I am only speaking of those that cause harm to another persons property in this case.  Not the peaceful protestors.

Please feel free to post your comments because we all have opinions and we can all learn from each other. 

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