Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A scam with a twist

Please be aware of an old scam that takes on a new twist.  You may know someone who has recently been scammed.  Please share this with everyone you know.

Someone or a group of someone's are pretending to be in need of a caretaker for a disabled child and are moving into the area.  They are seeking out victims on Care.net and I am sure other websites.  This particular victim was sought out on Care.net.  They send pictures of the child and gives a short history of their family.  They try to develop a kinship with the unsuspecting victim.  The person does not wish to speak on the telephone claiming they are hard of hearing and will only use email and text.  They are giving a sad story of how "her" husband and child were killed in a car accident and her son is the only survivor left disabled and wheelchair bound.  Their request is to have a babysitter for him but they must first have a wheelchair waiting for them before they arrive.  In order to get the wheelchair they will send their victim a large check and in turn would like them to deposit it into their own account.  In turn they ask for immediate action be taken to retrieve any money available and send it to them via money pack that can be purchased at a CVS Pharmacy or anywhere that sells money packs.  They will hound the victim for updates and status on the money and express urgency in the need for the money in order to purchase the only wheelchair left with the company they allege to be purchasing it from.  They prey on emotions in this case.

This is not a new scam by any means but beware if you advertise child care services on Care.net or similar websites.  Please pass this on to everyone you know because they too might know someone who offers child care through one of these services.

NEVER send money to anybody you do not know.  NEVER give out personal information to anybody you do not know.  Thank you.

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