Monday, March 18, 2019

Where Is Heaven? - Diary of a Private Investigator

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As children, we often look up and imagine heaven is somewhere over our heads and that is where our pets and grandparents go to when they die. They say that children are very intuitive when it comes to death.

Assuming there is a heaven, it is not a place, so to speak. Heaven is a transparent spiritual plane. Meaning, when a soul leaves its body, it returns back into its spiritual form and resides in the spirit realm. This also insinuates that we live multiple lives on earth.

There are heaven and earth. Earth is where the human body lives. Our soul or spirit lives inside the body. Earth is a physical place composed of matter that are things you can touch and feel thanks to our senses. In heaven, it's very different. In heaven, a spirit doesn't communicate with sound or feel with the body. Instead, a spirit can read the mind of another spirit and that is how the spirits communicate in the form of mental telepathy. They touch the same way they communicate. They read each other's feelings and embrace telepathically.

When someone dies and the soul leaves the body, they typically linger by the body. This is common and the most opportune time for us to see the spirit of the deceased in the form of a "ghost".

The day my father died I swore that I saw him walking in the hallway at his house. It was a glimpse of him that caught my eye. Later that day, a door flung open and at a different time a light went on in his bedroom. This was years before I began my research on the topic. Now, I firmly believe that what I thought I saw was my father. My rabbi agreed.

So, why are children so intuitive when it comes to death? Maybe because they more recently died in a previous life and are close to the spirit world.

Did you know that there is no such thing as time in heaven? To our loved ones who just left us, they will be seeing us shortly (in their time), even if it takes us 50 more earth years to get there.

To be continued.............

Everything written in this blog is based on my investigation of life after death. It is based on research of both written material and physical experiences of others. It also includes personal experiences on different levels of meditation, past life regression, and mediums of various kinds. My resources will be listed on a future posting.-Thank you for reading. Please share this with your friends.

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