Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fun Facts: Trust And Law Enforcement

The need to know your rights when it came to law enforcement was never an issue in the past.  Why now?  The bad guys are out there finding new ways to cause havoc in society.  The criminal will never stop exploring styles or demonstrate his or her evil ways and the need to feed their compulsion to manipulate, steal, lie, and control.  One of the ways today's criminal entertain themselves is to assume the role of a uniform by use of appearance and props while taking advantage of people's trusting nature.  And, sometimes a uniform who has earned the right cannot be trusted.  Take a look at what happened to Charles Balakubak of Kingston, NY when his dash cam caught an officer in a lie. 

On the other side of the country a man in Kansas City, Mo was pulled over by someone in a vehicle with just the lights and a siren, civilian license plates and no decals or identifying markings of a police cruiser. The person driving the car was not wearing a full uniform nor had a badge, name tag or holster for the gun he held close to his body.  The impersonator approached the driver of the car he pulled over and the driver asked the "officer" if he was a real cop to which he answered "yes".  The driver who had his doubts began recording the encounter with his cell phone.  When asked what agency he worked for the "officer" got mad at which point the driver sped away and feared the police impersonator would pursue him and end badly. But, the driver got away and the impersonator did too.  The driver managed to record the license plate, make and model of the vehicle as well as the face of the "officer" and immediately contacted the police and reported the encounter only to learn he was one of a few who had been pulled over by this impersonator.  He went to social media and the local news which ultimately helped catch the perpetrator.  Fortunately, the other potential victims had used their instinct and drove away before the perp ever had a chance to cause harm.   Nobody could figure out what was his ultimate intention other than to manipulate and perhaps scare his victims although, could have ended in a robbery or worse because he was always armed.  

If you ever feel threatened by a person in uniform you have the right to video record the encounter and call 911 during the process.  If tailed by a police cruiser or any vehicle that appears to be of threat you should always drive to a public place or the nearest police station.  If you are pulled over always look for the markings of a Police Officer that include a badge, name tag, decal and proper license plate on the vehicle.  And, when asked a real officer will offer the name of their agency and Supervisor.  

In my ongoing research, 100% of the Police Officers I spoke with were aware of impersonators and stated that a good cop will not object to your inquisition and need to record the encounter.  The best way to handle it is to be nice about it.  Use your instincts and do what feels right.  

In closing, I don't want to leave a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to law enforcement.  Men and women in uniform are our hero's.  Here is one example:

Knowledge is power!  Arm yourself with information and share with your friends and family.  

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